Charly NFT staking

All of our NFTs now offer you the opportunity for additional rewards in $Charly tokens through staking, with the NFTs never leaving your wallet. In short, we can hint that the rarer the NFT, the more tokens it earns for you on a daily basis. Rewards are credited to you daily and can be claimed on our partner project, Cardano lands:
The only requirement is that you log in to the Cardano lands platform once a month.

You can also install the Chrome extension for Cardano Lands, which will connect with Cardano Lands. This extension will show you how much you earn daily from the NFTs you hold in your wallet. Link

Reward claiming process:

Users receive daily rewards in their Cardano Lands account when staking NFTs in a non-custodial manner, holding them in their wallet. To claim these rewards, there is a small fee of 50 EXO tokens. This amount should not exceed the equivalent of 2.5 ADA. The EXO price is tied to its mint value on the official website. Once the mint is completed, the EXO exchange rate is taken from the official EXO/ADA pool on DEX, which will be handled by the Cardano Lands team.

You can read more about this on the following link:

If you have any questions or encounter any issues while claiming the rewards, please don't hesitate to contact our support or the support team on the Cardano Lands Discord server.

Total supply: 777,777,777,777
Circulating supply: 193,625,838,969 (25%)

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